The GACTC cares — about our students and their families.

Each year the GACTC Cares Committee works with faculty to find areas where a little extra help might go a long way for the families of our students. Throughout the school year, funds are raised through faculty “dress down” days, anonymous donations and other creative events.

The most recognizable part of this program happens around the holidays, when a tree filled with ornaments recognizing select students’ needs is erected, allowing GACTC staff members to select an item to personally fulfill. When the holiday break arrives, the Cares Committee collects the remaining ornaments and uses the committee funds for the remaining requests.

This year, GACTC Cares was able to provide support to 9 families, providing gifts to 20 children. In addition to the items purchased directly by GACTC staff, the Cares fund was able to purchase nearly $2,000 in gifts and gift cards.

“It’s the whole staff of GACTC that makes this happen,” said Karen Chiron, speaking for the Cares Committee.

And it doesn’t end with the holidays. GACTC Cares helps students in need throughout the year with purchases that support students in need with items that contribute to their participation in GACTC programs.

Additional fundraisers are planned for spring to continue to raise funds for the GACTC Cares Committee in order to continue to support students.