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“Partnering with the GACTC has been absolutely phenomenal – you can see the students’ ability come through, and you can see what they’ve learned as they start to implement it. It’s fun to see them grow.”

Travis McCabe, Owner, Greenbean Coffee House

“You get experience, which is really good on college applications. After I graduate I plan to pursue graphic design or visual arts. This program is an absolute dream – you get to do what you love with people you enjoy being around.”

Jet, Graphic Design student

“Things I most enjoy about the GACTC are being part of a whole community, the whole shop .. you get to work on dirt bikes, snow blowers, boats, and lawnmowers. It’s hands-on for everything.”

Pressten, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology

“When I first came into this program, I didn’t really know what kind of career I wanted. But after my years here I figured out I wanted to do mechanical engineering. This program has helped me decide what I want to do after high school, and I don’t have to go to college to do it.”

Donald, Engineering Technologies student

“I think the skills I’ve learned at the GACTC and co-op will help me own my own business.”

Cheyanna, Retail Marketing student

“In terms of the future, I plan to start out with residential wiring, and move into commercial. My favorite thing about this program is the amount of hands-on work we get to do here.”

Ian, Electrical Trades student

“The knowledge you can learn through this program is amazing. This is a step forward in the right direction in your career.”

Tyler, 2021 Welding graduate

“After I graduate, I plan to go into nursing and furthering my education to be a nurse practitioner. I feel the credits from here are going to help me have a jump start on everyone else.”

Caitlin, Health Occupations student

“Medical assistant is a high-demand job, and I figured that would be more job security for me…. You can get your certification in a year’s time, and they help you with job placement.”

Heather, Medical Assistant student

“We get a head start, because we get to learn these things now, instead of waiting until after high school.”

Ashlee, Interior Decorating & Finishing student

“The best thing about this program is being able to develop your skills and create projects of your own, and take that knowledge with you.”

Nick, Cabinetmaking/Finished Carpentry student

“The credits you get here will transfer if you plan to go on to become a registered nurse…I can still work full time during the week, and do my classes in evenings, with clinicals every other weekend — so I have time to fit in my studies, and be a mom.”

Rachel, Practical Nursing student

“There was a demand for electricians, and I found out about this program and enrolled, because it was inexpensive and accessible. The GACTC offers a full range of hands-on experiences….it’s an impressive place.”

Lee, Electrical Trades graduate (Intergenerational), 2021

“I was really lucky to be able to get an internship job through the GACTC. The internship gave me the chance to show my skills to get hired full-time.”

Sara, 2021 Welding graduate

“It’s about making new tools, making new things. My favorite thing about this program is that I get a lot of new skills, and learn a lot.”

Hayden, Precision Machining student

“Being a tech at Stuckey Subaru is far from simple, but I like being challenged – and the GACTC had me prepared to be here.”

Dakota, Automotive Technology student

“We do a lot of building in this class…I want to do construction when I grow up, so I picked masonry.”

Carter, Masonry student

“My expectations coming in have been exceeded – I’ve learned more than I thought I could ever know about my trade…one of the best things about this program is that right out of school, I can go right into the union.”

Aiden, Carpentry/Construction student

“It’s my fourth year here and I really love it…coming to the GACTC, you earn a lot of certifications and knowledge in this field. ”

Matthew, Culinary Arts

“We can go right out to the workforce in any sort of dental facility….this program gives us 2-4 years of experience, and we’re able to get our radiology license.”

Kendra, Dental Assistant program

“So after the program we’ve had students go on to 2-year business degrees, or go right into the workforce. I’ve been here for four years, and it’s been the best decision of my high school career.”

Dennis, Retail Marketing student

“I’ve had the most amazing experience here. The best thing about the cosmetology program is the people and getting to learn, and the teachers too — they’re all so amazing.”

Devyn, Cosmetology student

“There’s a lot to offer in our shop. Sometimes three years here doesn’t feel like enough time. It’s fun!”

Logan, Welding student

“People never really thought too much about supply chain management before COVID hit, but it’s so important. I would recommend this program for anyone who likes to solve problems and challenges, because the supply chain really keeps things going.”

Kelcie, Logistics & Supply Chain Management student

“I’m earning certifications at the GACTC. If you have more certifications, you have a better chance of being hired. What I like the best is being in the shop, learning hands-on.”

Trevor, Automotive Technology student

“We have over 10 furnaces that we get to work on, and they’re all different, so you learn a lot about them. I think companies would hire students from this program because they know they’re getting well-trained students.”

Kyle, HVAC/R student

“The classes at the GACTC prepared me for the real world. If I hadn’t made the decision to go back to school and come back here specifically, I would be out there really struggling to find my place in the workforce.”

Heather, Medical Office Specialist graduate

“We learn anything from medical, to firefighting, to law enforcement….so I think it will give me a better head start on the real world.”

Sylvia, Emergency Services student

“My favorite thing is being hands-on, not just being in class all day — also being able to go out in the workplace to see how it’s going to be once you start working.”

Morgan, Expanded Function Dental Assistant student

“We have several people managing key parts of our operation who started as GACTC co-op students.”

Matt Stuckey, President, Stuckey Automotive

“Learning computer languages now will help us be ready for jobs after graduation, and we also get college credits. The course is much more rigorous than what I was expecting, but I’m hoping to graduate and go on to be a very successful programmer.”

Cody, Computer Programming student

“This program offers a great opportunity. Last year I didn’t want to go to school, but here it’s amazing. Working in this program has everything I’m looking for…I want to open my own body shop.”

Ryder, Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology student

We have the opportunity to get different certifications. I really enjoy being here, I’d rate my experience a 10.”

Derek, Automotive/Diesel Technology student


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GACTC recognizes 247 seniors in Senior Ceremony

The Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center (GACTC) held its Senior Ceremony on May 19 at the Blair County Convention Center, honoring all 247 seniors finishing programs of study at the GACTC. Students, families, school board members, and GACTC faculty were in attendance, along with sending school superintendents, principals, assistant [...]

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