• Adult programs are those courses taught strictly to adult students.  Applications are accepted yearly.  Classes are during the day and or evening hours and vary by program.  

    If accepted, adult students abide by the same school schedule and policies required of all students.  Upon satisfactory completion of all required courses and satisfactory attendance, students receive a diploma.  Students must receive a passing grade in each course to receive a diploma.  If a student fails a course that is a prerequisite, continuation of the next course is not permitted.  An exception may be granted with the approval of the instructor and the Coordinator of Continuing Education.

    Internship activities may be available to graduates of adult programs as an additional course.  The internship is a supervised field work experience in which students gain practical experience in their area of study.  Participation is optional with minimum grade, attendance requirements, and instructor approval as prerequisites.

    Credit distributions are given only for courses taken within adult programs.  These distributions are recorded on the student's transcript and serve as a point of reference for those transferring to other post-secondary institutions.  Credit distribution is calculated as 1 lecture credit for every 15 hours of classroom instruction and 1 lab credit for every 45 hours of laboratory instruction.

    For some programs, graduates have the option to transfer to post-secondary institutions to pursue am associate degree.