Quality technicians are in high demand around the country. The Outdoor Power Equipment course at GACTC is an industry-recognized training site certified by the Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC).

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Students entering the program will receive instruction in the following maintenance areas: Four-stroke cycle engine and two-stroke cycle engine design, fuel systems, ignition systems, cooling systems, lubrication systems, governor systems, drive systems, troubleshooting techniques and overhaul procedures. Students will also receive instruction in parts identification, inventory control procedures and business operations of both gasoline and diesel engines.

Students will be given the opportunity to take industry-certified testing from the Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC), Kohler, Briggs & Stratton and Stihl Inc.. Manufacturers are now requiring dealers to have a certified technician on staff.

Students work on the following types of equipment: weed trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, snow blowers, generators, rototillers, cement mixers, and pressure washers. Students also have the opportunity to service motorcycles, ATVs and outboard engines.

There are many post-secondary educational opportunities for those who choose to further their education.

In an ever-expanding market, there is high demand for qualified technicians, sales people, dealership owners and distributors who are able to provide customers with products and service in a timely manner. The compensation paid to a dealership for these services is as much as seventy dollars or more per hour.


Read and write at or near grade level

Be able to learn required math specific to the program

Work in an organized and timely manner

Be self-motivated to work independently

Be able to work cooperatively in teams

Be physically able to lift heavy engine and parts

For information on this occupation’s description, required knowledge, job tasks and related job titles, state/national wages and employment trends, visit the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s site for this career field.


GACTC graduates can get a jump start on post-secondary education by taking advantage of the various articulation and/or dual enrollment opportunities. Review the college credit opportunities for the Outdoor Power Equipment program.


  • Briggs & Stratton Master Technician
  • Kohler Master Tech Sthil Bronze Level
  • Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC)
  • S/P2
  • Stihl Inc., Factory Certification

Charles Miller

Outdoor Power Equipment Technology OPE Instructor