• Food Services

    Food Services

    (Courses 7321, 7322, 7331 and 7340)    Pennsylvania Department of Education CIP Code 12.0508


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    Students are expected to:

    1. Be self-motivated independently or in teams

    2. Be able to master measurement requirements, including division and multiplication of fractions

    3. Stand for long periods of time

    4. Comprehend written and verbal instructions

    5. Perform repetitive work motion requiring hands-on skills

    6. Possess a neat appearance and good personal hygiene

  • The Food Production program is a branch of the Culinary Arts program. It follows the same task list as the Culinary Arts program, but introduces the concepts at a modified pace to allow for deeper understanding and meaningful progress. In the Food Production program, students learn through hands-on activities and a functional academic curriculum in the kitchen setting. The Food Production curriculum encompasses the areas of kitchen safety, employability skills, cooking and baking, food preparation, dining room services, and commercial dishwashing. Students showcase their skills by preparing and/or serving lunch in the school cafeteria, as well as setting up banquets and luncheons to accommodate up to 350 guests. All skill areas are instructed with the intent of achieving a level of competency required to obtain competitive employment. Individual needs and abilities of students are addressed in order to foster personal accountability and pride in a job well done.

Phone: 814-505-1323


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Mary Ellen DeHaas

Instructor of Food Services