The mission of the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Continuing Education Office is to provide occupational specific education to adults in collaboration with business, labor, and community in preparation for the demands of the 21st Century.The Continuing Education Office further believes that vocational technical education should be an integral part of lifelong education with a dual purpose:  (a) to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to enter employment or to pursue further education; and (b) to assist in the economic development of the area by providing business and industry with productive, adaptable, and competent workers.


    The Continuing Education Office subscribes to the philosophy that it can enrich an ever-expanding community by providing educational programs to help each individual student grow as a person, as a worker, and as a citizen.  By accepting all persons, each at their respective level of development, the GACTC asserts that it believes in the best possible education for all Americans, regardless of race, creed, national origin, and past development.This institution recognizes that an ever growing number of persons are in need of experiences that will allow them to compete in and contribute to the rapidly changing technological society.  To this end, the Continuing Education Office believes that it must provide an occupation oriented education for the training and retraining of both young and mature adults in order to meet its responsibility to local, state, and national needs for skilled workers who are sufficiently flexible to respond to changing demands and sufficiently creative to find new means of meeting these demands.The Continuing Education Office believes that education is a continuing need for every citizen.  It stands ready to provide training and enrichment for all members of the community, both through formal instruction in all areas of adult needs and interests, and through informal means by its involvement in community affairs.  The area school firmly maintains the position, both through its philosophy and its action, that education should be the leaven in the loaf of community life.

    In sum, the Continuing Education Office believes it is uniquely fitted through its diversified, yet united programs to contribute to the development of the individuals within the geographic area it serves and thus, the development of the area itself.  It believes that, to function in a society marked by rapid technological advance and vast diversification and specialization, the individual needs to acquire an understanding both broad and deep of the great inherited body of knowledge and the democratic tradition.  It believes that it has a responsibility to help all people toward the fulfillment of their desire to be "more intensely human, more greatly good.

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