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Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center


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Faculty Alphabetized by Last Name

Amigh, Dodie Interior Decorating & Finishing 814-505-1210 Email
Bartek, Timothy Electrical Trades 814-505-1202 Email
Bumgarner, Denise Applied Mathematics 814-505-1225 Email
Chilcote, Jack HVAC 814-505-1204 Email
Claycomb, Breton Visual Arts Technologies 814-505-1222 Email
Cowan, Joseph Precision Machining 814-505-1235 Email
Cristillo, Frank Computer Prog/Oracle Academy 814-505-1314 Email
Curran, Mary Sue Dental Assistant 814-505-1311 Email
Dalby, Scott Automotive/Diesel Technology 814-505-1214 Email
DeGennaro, Paula Cosmetology 814-505-1296 Email
DeHaas, Mary Ellen Food Service 814-505-1323 Email
DePiro, Kathleen Logistics & Materials Management 814-505-1242 Email
Doutt, William Masonry 814-505-1211 Email
Ebersole, Randy Collision Repair & Refinishing Tech 814-505-1212 Email
Erculiani, Richard Emergency Services 814-505-1261 Email
Gens, Della Health Occupations 814-505-1254 Email
Gentsch, Katrina Administrative Office Specialist 814-505-1228 Email
Gibbons, Anthony Automotive Technology 814-505-1215 Email
Harris, Tim Welding Technology 814-505-1201 Email
Keener, Timothy Computer Tech/Cisco Academy 814-505-1298 Email
Kelley, Brian Electro Mechanical Engineering Technology 814-505-1246 Email
Kenawell, Pam Culinary Arts/Baking 814-505-1248 Email
Landis, Keith Multimedia & Web Design 814-505-1252 Email
Lathero, Kirk Digital Printing Technologies 814-505-1223 Email
McCloskey, Heather Culinary Arts 814-505-1325 Email
Mauk, Dusty Drafting/Design Technology 814-505-1224 Email
Miller, Charles Outdoor Power Equipment Tech. 814-505-1206 Email
Palazzi, David Cabinetmaking/Finished Carpentry 814-505-1207 Email
Potter, Marie Retail Marketing/Entrepreneurship 814-505-1241 Email
Weakland, Nicole Cosmetology 814-505-1216 Email
Werner, Eric Carpentry/Construction 814-505-1209 Email
Williamson, John Applied Mathematics 814-505-1258 Email
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Faculty Alphabetized by Program

Administrative Office Specialist Katrina Gentsch 814-505-1228 Email
Automotive Technology Anthony Gibbons 814-505-1215 Email
Automotive/Diesel Technology Scott Dalby 814-505-1214 Email
Carpentry/Construction Eric Werner 814-505-1209 Email
Cabinetmaking/Finished Carpentry David Palazzi 814-505-1207 Email
Collision Repair & Refinishing Tech Randy Ebersole 814-505-1212 Email
Computer Programming/Oracle Academy Frank Cristillo 814-505-1314 Email
Computer Technology/Cisco Academy Timothy Keener 814-505-1298 Email
Cosmetology Nicole Weakland 814-505-1216 Email
Cosmetology Paula DeGennaro 814-505-1296 Email
Culinary Arts Heather McCloskey 814-505-1325 Email
Culinary Arts - Baking Pamela Kenawell 814-505-1248 Email
Dental Assistant Mary Sue Curran 814-505-1311 Email
Digital Printing Technologies Kirk Lathero 814-505-1223 Email
Drafting/Design Technology Dusty Mauk 814-505-1224 Email
Electrical Trades Timothy Bartek 814-505-1202 Email
Electro Mechanical Engineering Technology Brian Kelley 814-505-1246 Email
Emergency Services Richard Erculiani 814-505-1261 Email
Food Service Mary Ellen DeHaas 814-505-1323 Email
Health Occupations Della Gens 814-505-1254 Email
HVAC Jack Chilcote 814-505-1204 Email
Interior Decorating & Finishing Dodie Amigh 814-505-1210 Email
Logistics & Materials Management Kathleen DePiro 814-505-1242 Email
Masonry William Doutt 814-505-1211 Email
Mathematics, Applied Denise Bumgarner 814-505-1225 Email
Mathematics, Applied John Williamson 814-505-1258 Email
Multimedia & Web Design Keith Landis 814-505-1252 Email
Outdoor Power Equipment Technology Charles Miller 814-505-1206 Email
Precision Machining Joseph Cowan 814-505-1235 Email
Retail Marketing/Entrepreneurship Marie Potter 814-505-1241 Email
Visual Arts Technologies Breton Claycomb 814-505-1222 Email
Welding Technology Tim Harris 814-505-1201 Email
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Adult and Continuing Ed

Leanne Sidney Continuing Education Coordinator 814-505-1256 Email
Karen Chirdon Continuing Education Specialist 814-505-1277 Email
Nicole Zernick PS Retention & Career Placement Counselor 814-505-1291 Email
Jefferey Englert PS HVAC 814-505-1245 Email
Katrina Gentsch Medical Assistant Instructor 814-505-1228 Email
Mandy Schaufler Financial Aid Officer 814-505-1257 Email
Karen Sybert Medical Assistant Instructor 814-505-1220 Email
Dr. Tom Zajac EFDA Coordinator/Instructor 814-505-1351 Email
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Practical Nursing

Rebecca Kelly Practical Nursing Coordinator 814-505-1228 Email
Christine Hinton PN Secretary 814-505-1286 Email
Donna Cunningham PN FT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Ann Langenbacher PN PT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Coleen Lucas PN FT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Debra Monts PN FT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Rebecca Romagna PN FT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Emily Seese PN PT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Raymond Seese PN PT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Susan Stern PN PT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
Lisa Urban PN PT Instructor 814-505-1286  
Erin Yesenosky PN FT Instructor 814-505-1286 Email
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Guidance / Co-Op

Swales, Gayle Guidance Counselor 814-505-1289 Email
Taneyhill, Nicole Guidance Counselor 814-505-1272 Email
Zernick, Nicole Co-Op Coordinator 814-505-1291 Email
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Main Office Barb Edevane 814-505-1228 Email
Attendance   814-505-1279 Email
Business Office Chris Skelly 814-946-8458 Email
Computer Consortium Randy Kelley 814-946-8474 Email
Continuing Education Karen Chirdon 814-946-8469 Email
Cosmetology Clinic Nicole Weakland 814-505-1216 Email
Dental Clinic (Pediatric) Haley Hawk 814-946-8929 Email
Food Service Heather McCloskey 814-946-8485 Email
Guidance and Attendance Support    814-946-8468 Email
Nurse Kim Bender 814-946-8488 Email
Practical Nursing Christine Hinton 814-946-8490 Email
Student Services/Co-op Debra Krist 814-946-8460 Email
Warehouse Carolyn English 814-505-1270 Email
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Donna M. Miller Executive Director 814-505-1284 Email
Jason Hicks Principal 814-505-1282 Email
Danielle Mehalick Business Manager/Board Secretary 814-505-1281 Email
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Mid-Management Staff

Rebecca Kelly LPN Program 814-946-8490 Email
William Kuny Head of Operations 814-505-1243 Email
Leanne Sidney Adult & Continuing Education 814-946-8463 Email
Rebecca Reighard Administrative Assistant 814-946-8487 Email
Mandy Schaufler Financial Aid Officer / Adm. Assistant 814-505-1257 Email
Mark Treese Guidance Department Chair 814-505-1274 Email
Dr. Tom Zajac EFDA Coordinator/Instructor 814-505-1351 Email
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Management Support

Karen Chirdon Continuing Education Specialist 814-505-1277 Email
Barbara Edevane Secretary/Receptionist 814-946-8450 Email
Carolyn English Warehouse 814-505-1270 Email
Randy Kelley Computer Consortium 814-946-8471 Email
Debra Krist Student Services/Co-Op 814-505-1273 Email
Brenda Hopkins Bus Office/Payroll/Benefits 814-505-1266 Email
Christine Skelly Bus Office/General Fund 814-505-1265 Email
James Weston Computer Consortium 814-505-1232 Email
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Support Staff

Margaret Baumgartner Teacher Asst., Health Occupations 814-505-1254 Email
Alisha Clingerman Teacher Asst., Health Occupations 814-505-1254  
David Croft Warehouse/Teacher Asst. 814-505-1249 Email
Dillon Denny Teacher Aide, Secondary Perkins 814-505-1239 Email
Amber Eaken Teacher Asst., Food Service 814-505-1324 Email
Jessica Flaugh Teacher Asst. Bakery 814-505-1295 Email
Mary Glashauser Teacher Aide, Secondary Perkins 814-505-1240 Email
Jamie Hershey Teacher Aide, Dental Asst/EFDA 814-505-1311 Email
Andrew Hinkle Teacher Aide, Secondary Perkins 814-505-1239 Email
Tami Kaylor Warehouse Asst. 814-505-1299 Email
  Guidance and Attendance Support 814-505-1279 Email
Kevin Lear Teacher Asst. Construction 814-505-1208 Email
Jeff McGinnis Teacher Aide, Secondary Perkins 814-505-1239 Email
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Computer Consortium

Debra Henry Programmer 814-505-1231 Email
Matthew DeWeese Application Support 814-505-1287 Email
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Jesse Williams Network IT 814-505-1218 Email
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Maintenance / Custodial Staff

Bill Kuny Head of Operations 814-505-1243 Email
Mark DeRose Assistant Director of Maintenance    
John Arthur Eugene Bougher    
Christopher Kelly Bart Kitt    
Dan Langenbacher John Betting    
Tom Miller      
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School Nurse

Kim Bender Nurse 814-505-1253 Email
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Bob Johnston Security Officer 814-505-1205 Email
Tracie Thompson Greeter 814-946-8450  
Paul Hawk Greeter



Peter Mitchell Greeter 814-946-8450  
Ruth A Riley Greeter 814-946-8450  
William Eichenlaub Greeter Substitute 814-946-8450  
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Greater Altoona Career & Technical Center

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